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0311355 Issue : January 2002 5-17 Operating instructions 5-6 The Vehicle identity setup Selecting VEHICLE then IDENT from the SETUP menu opens a dialog box that lets you enter a list of labels (more user-friendly than an Id number) to be assigned to the vehicles to be tracked, and specify whether or not the vehicles should be viewed. Nb Identity number of a vehicle, defined when you configure the MRU for the vehicle. (See chapter 2). LABEL Label you wish to assign to the vehicle identified in the Id text box.

Entering 0 disables this watchdog. Limit: This field is used to specify the desired speed limit (km per hour). For each tracked vehicle, the speed is computed as the ratio of the difference between the last two positions received to the difference between the times when they are received. • Outside allowed area Watchdog: This watchdog alerts you if any vehicle is out of the allowed area you specify with the “Reference” option button. In the “Watchdog” field, you specify the desired time interval (seconds) between two permit tests.

If we look into the operation of the TDGx board along the time axis, five fundamental parameters should be defined : • The slot This is the so-called « time channel » that we’ve mentioned earlier. A slot implies a particular radio link : one transmitting TDGx and one (or more) receiving TDGx. All the slots have the same characteristics in duration and data structure except the sync slot which differs from all others by its data structure (not by its duration). • The format Time interval representing n successive slots (numbered from 0 to n-1).

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