New PDF release: A biographical history of endocrinology

By D. Lynn Loriaux

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Establishing endocrinology as a special clinical strong point used to be no effortless job. This enticing quantity chronicles the adventure throughout the tales of the lads –and occasional women—who formed the distinctiveness during the ages.

In 108 short chapters, A Biographical historical past of Endocrinology illuminates the growth of endocrinology from Hippocrates to the fashionable day. the writer highlights vital leaders and their contributions to the sector, together with those early pioneers:

  • Kos and Alexandria, and the 1st human anatomy
  • Bartolomeo Eustachi and the adrenal gland
  • Richard decrease and the pituitary gland
  • Thomas Addison and adrenal insufficiency
  • Franz Leydig and testosterone secreting cells
  • Wiliam Stewart Halsted and surgical procedure of the thyroid gland
  • John J. Abel and isolation of hormones
  • Hakaru Hashimoto and his disease

Covering the entire watershed moments within the heritage of the occupation, the ebook identifies key figures whose contributions stay appropriate at the present time. Their interesting tales of experiments and experiences, advocacy and adversity, and exploring unknown territory will encourage the following new release of endocrinologists and fulfill each clinician who ever puzzled "how did we get here?"

This entire but concise biographical background of endocrinology will gain not just working towards and potential endocrinologists, but additionally different scientific experts and clinical historians.

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What everyone agrees upon is the efficiency, economy, and clarity of Aretaeus’ prose when compared to Galen. Galen can be stiff. Aretaeus flows. There is an explanation for this. Galen’s writings resurfaced after the Dark Ages by making the “grand circuit:” Rome to Constantinople, Constantinople to Edessa to Jundi Shapur, Jundi Shapur to Baghdad, and finally to the translators in Toledo and Monte Casino. Greek to Latin, Latin to Farsi, Farsi to Syrine, Syrine to Latin. Aretaeus, on the other hand, was translated only once, from Greek to Latin, by Paulus Crassus, in Venice in 1552.

When we read Aretaeus in English, there have been, at most, two translations. It makes all the difference. Here are some of Aretaeus’ ­writings for you to judge yourself, starting with the most celebrated. On diabetes Diabetes is a wonderful affliction, not very frequent among men, being a melting down of the flesh and limbs into urine. Its cause is of a cold and humid nature, as in dropsy. The course is the common one, namely, the kidneys and bladder; for the patients never stop making water, but the flow is incessant, as if from the opening of aqueducts.

He is talking about lymph nodes. The now classic description of the “face of death”, the “Hippocratic Facies,” is found in the Prognostics [7]: A sharp nose, hollow eyes, collapsed temples; the ears cold, contracted, and their lobes turned out; the skin about the forehead being rough, distended, and parched; the color of the whole face being green, black, livid, or lead colored. ” When … the hands are waved before the face, hunting through empty pace, as if gathering bits of straw, picking the nap from the coverlet, or tearing chaff from the wall, all such symptoms are bad and deadly.

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