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By Stephani Hecht

ISBN-10: 1554874440

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Jaguar shifter, Brent, is at the most vital project of his lifestyles, to discover his lacking brothers. Separated years in the past while their family members domestic was once attacked via the Ravens, Brent hasn't ever forgotten his misplaced siblings and should do something to deliver them again domestic. Then he unearths out that one guy holds the foremost to their position, a Hawk shifter named Daniel.
Daniel has been at the run from the Ravens ever on the grounds that they approximately eliminated all of his variety. Hiding by means of dwelling as a human, the very last thing he desires is to be sucked again into the shifter global. Then he wakes as much as discover a Jaguar shifter in his bed room, not easy his aid. even if he desires to refuse, Daniel takes one examine the desperation in Brent’s eyes and understands he has to help.
Even the smallest baby is familiar with that cats and birds don’t combine. It nonetheless doesn’t cease the 2 men’s becoming appeal to one another. whilst they struggle new and outdated enemies, their emotions of affection develop. Will they be capable of triumph over a lifetime’s worthy of hatred and prejudice to be jointly? Or will they've got the pay the final word cost for romance?

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Cursing under his breath, Brent dove to the side to avoid being hit. Shock coursed through his already jacked up body. That had been twice now he’d let down his guard and Daniel gained the upper hand. In all his years as a soldier, that had never happened before. “Why wouldn’t I track you down for a good lay? ” Brent gave an internal bitch slap to his libido. Something told him that coming onto Daniel wasn’t the key to convincing him to help. Stop letting your cock control you. Think, think, think.

That was it. Using his free hand, he punched Brent in the back of the shoulder. The man let out a grunt of pain as he stumbled forward a couple of steps, taking Daniel with him. “What the fuck? ” Daniel jerked on the handcuffs, pulling the man off balance again. Brent tripped toward Daniel, who brought up his fist, getting off a great shot to his jaw. He expected an answering blow, but Brent gave a slight shake of his head as he rubbed the spot that had taken the hit. When he gazed back, Daniel was struck by the raw emotions in the man’s eyes.

A low rumble sounded as the feline sprang. At the same time, Daniel flipped to his back and pulled his blade out. The plan was that when the cat landed, his own weight would impale him on the knife. That wasn’t quite how things worked out. Son of a bitch! Chapter Two Brent saw the glint of the blade just as he jumped on the bed. Knowing it would be too late to away back, he bowed his back out, landed on top of Daniel and then stretched out his body, pinning the man down to the bed. He avoided being gutted…barely.

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