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By T.W. Mew, P. Gonzales

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This guide makes a speciality of the $64000 seedborne fungi that reason ailments of the foliage, stem, leafsheath, root, grain, and inflorescence in rice. It offers details on greater than 50 species which have been detected in rice seed in the course of regimen trying out and analysis.
Seed well-being trying out can also be a way of quality controls that guarantees the alternate of high quality seed between scientists or study facilities. for that reason, the Seed well-being Unit at IFW features because the gatekeeper of secure germplasm stream from and inside IRRI, the Philippines, and outdoors.

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C. Conidia—oblong to ovoid, hyaline to slightly pigmented, single-celled (Fig. 53e). 60 µ (MEA). Colony characters on culture media (Fig. 03-cm diam in 5 d. They are slightly zonated with even margins, thickly felted, and brownish gray. The colony on the reverse side of the agar plate appears zonated and is brownish gray with brownish black spots. 73-cm diam in 5 d. They are zonated with even margins, felted, dull yellowish brown at the center, and greenish gray outward with 4-mm light brownish gray advancing margins.

If present, mycelia are branched, hyaline to olivaceous. If aerial mycelium is absent, conidiophores arise directly from the seed surface singly or in small groups or bundles. They are moderately long, simple, and light brown. Conidia are hyaline, pale olive or grayish, and borne sympodially (Fig. 25a-c). c. Location on seed P. oryzae is observed mostly on sterile lemmas of the seed (91%) (Fig. 26). Microscopic characters a. Mycelium—septate, branched, and hyaline. b. Conidiophores—simple to rarely branched, moderately long, septated, light brown, slightly thickened at the base with denticles at the apex (Fig.

Colony characters on culture media (Fig. 02-cm diam in 5 d. They are zonated with even margins, floccose, and reddish or- Fig. 56. Occurrence of Pinatubo oryzae on rice seed from different countries received at IRRI (IRRI-SHU unpublished data 1990-97). 51 a b → f → → e f d c Fig. 57. Habit character of Pinatubo oryzae Manandhar and Mew on (a) whole seed (12X), (b) sterile lemmas (50X), and (c) awn portion (50X). Photomicrograph of P. oryzae showing (d) mycelia, (e) conidiophore, and (f) conidia at 40X and stained with lactophenol blue.

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