Joey W. Hill's A Mermaid's Ransom PDF

By Joey W. Hill

ISBN-10: 0425230686

ISBN-13: 9780425230688

A narrative of 2 fans who couldn't be extra diverse. Daughter to an angel and a mermaid, Alexis has grown up in peaceable waters. So while her nightmares commence, the mer-angel has little concept what to make of them. In her dream is the loneliest guy Alexis has ever met-and she's surprisingly interested in him. until eventually the evening her dream comes true... Born of a vampire and a depressing One, Dante simply is familiar with brutality. And even if he is the chief of the underworld, he longs to flee it. How greater than to carry for ransom the leading Legion Commander's daughter? yet there is something Dante by no means deliberate on-the approach Alexis steals his center.

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But in Lex's dreams, she'd only seen the trappings of fire and darkness, and Dante. Even from him she hadn't felt this utter lack of hope or light. It was incomprehensible, beyond any understanding she had in her world. The darkest soul she'd ever met there didn't come close to this. She struggled to hold herself back up on her arms. Though she knew she had nowhere to go, a wild animal's mindless panic closed in, seeing all those leering faces around her, that terrible energy. She flung herself at the circle's edge, toward the creatures, hoping to break through them.

Sacrifices? " Lex's gaze went back to the circle. Of course, living beings, you idiot. Did that kiss scramble your mind? The blood didn't come from him. Despite her attempt not to go there in her mind, she remembered the blood streaked on his body, along with the barely leashed savagery she'd welcomed as a titillating part of her dream. But as an impassioned lover, not as a creature who'd come to her by ripping away the life of another. What was the matter with her? "That's hideous. " She drew as far away from him in the tub as possible, the trapped feeling of her weakened and transformed state returning.

You said you did not want to be in the circle, and you do not want to stay in the pond. " She glanced at the large wooden chair. " "There's that. " Lifting her, he took her toward the bed. Curving her hand around his neck, beneath the strands of his hair, was the most obvious place to hold on. His hair truly was like silk, the cords of muscle beneath his smooth skin tempting touch. Goddess help me. His sorcery isn't just for magic spells. " He seemed to roll that around in his mind. " Lex swallowed.

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