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A. Hart’s insightful analysis of definitions (Hart 1994, 13–17). 4 I will use the terms “definition” and “conceptualization” interchangeably in this chapter. Other terms, such as “characterization” might equally apply to this approach to understanding international law. 32 Law at the Vanishing Point very narrow conception of a definition. There are many other kinds. For example, if one is trying to describe a climbing expedition and uses visual cues (“this salt shaker is Mt Everest”), one has defined something (one has ascribed a meaning to something), but there is no commitment to the belief that the salt shaker represents something beyond this particular context, no grand metaphysical link between the salt shaker and the mountain (these are usually referred to as stipulative definitions) (Yagisawa 1995, 185–6).

Rather the CLS movement argues that law is best conceived of as the site of conflicting ideologies and ideals without any inherent unity (Kennedy 1997, 46–56). Thus, any attempt to give an unbiased account of the nature and content of law (as traditional legal theory claims to do) is doomed from its inception. Second, these scholars argue that attempts to give such neutral analyses of law only undermines the ideals of the analyst by making her beholden to a faulty notion of “the facts” of analysis.

In these cases, how abortion is defined, whether it is seen as “the medical procedure in which a fetus is extracted from the uterus” or as “the butchering of an unborn baby” (to use some not uncommon examples) is crucial for gaining leverage in public debates. All sides of these sorts 5 As Saul Kripke has pointed out, even were there other, postulated worlds where kings were allowed to move two spaces instead of one, this would not get us out of the necessary connection between the game chess and its rules in this universe.

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