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By Peter Swirski

ISBN-10: 081011495X

ISBN-13: 9780810114951

A sequence of interviews and significant dialogues with the overdue Stanislaw Lem whose writings were translated into over forty languages and feature offered over 35 million copies. in the event you merely recognize him as a novelist, A Stanislaw Lem Reader is a superb creation to Lem's philosophy, clinical hypothesis, literary feedback, and social concept, whereas last completely obtainable to readers strange with any of his works.

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But if there is one thing we are not ready to believe, it is that it all happened through the intervention of a sorcerer, or that we found ourselves on this planet only two weeks ago owing to a divine miracle. While remaining aware of its shortcomings, I am thus a proponent of a commonsensical approach to these matters. These shortcomings were, nota bene, the subject of intense dissatisfaction to no less a thinker than Sir Arthur Eddington. It appeared strange to him that there seemed to have been two tables in front of him: one of the old-fashioned kind on which he rested his elbows, and the other a mere cloud of electrons.

I will recast what I had written about the encroachment of technology on the kingdom of philosophy, and juxtapose it with what has quite mundanely happened, as described today in specialized and learned, as well as popular, books. There are no such texts here in Poland, of course, but I do not doubt that proper translations will appear in no time at all. As a certain American said once, a precursor who appears a year or two before the big wave, wins fame and fortune. Whoever makes an entry thirty years before it, though, is at best forgotten, and at worst derided.

For years now I have been toying with the idea of reprinting Summa technologiae with added commentary showing what has in the meantime come about, what is in a developmental stage, and what was aberrant in my forecasts. For now, however, I will take up only a single chapter of Summa, "Phantomology," for two different reasons. Primo, because the branch of information technology which I thought up already exists; secundo, because its completely nonfantastic existence did nothing to change Kolakowski's position.

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