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By Lawrence J Hubert; Howard Wainer

ISBN-10: 1439873682

ISBN-13: 9781439873687

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What Breiman advocates is the adoption of optimization in place of parameter estimation, and of methods that fall under the larger rubric of supervised or unsupervised statistical learning theory. , 2009) (T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani, & J. Friedman). We give the abstract from Leo Breiman’s Statistical Science article, “Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures” (2001, 16, 199–215): There are two cultures in the use of statistical modeling to reach conclusions from data. One assumes that the data are generated by a given stochastic data model.

00, being the product of N and RMP. ):6 A special circumstance arises when the suspect is identified not by an eyewitness or by circumstantial evidence but rather by a search through a large DNA database. If the only reason that the person becomes a suspect is that his DNA profile turned up in a database, the calculations must be modified. There are several approaches, of which we discuss two. The first, advocated by the 1992 NRC report, is to base probability calculations solely on loci not used in the search.

P. 30) The issue that trumps all in the mammogram discussion is what women want, or think they want, which amounts to the same thing. It is doubtful whether a reasoned argument for diminished screen- 38 A Statistical Guide for the Ethically Perplexed ing could ever be made politically palatable. To many, a statistical argument for a decrease in screening practice would merely be another mechanism by which insurance companies can deny coverage and make yet more money. To paraphrase a quotation about General Motors, it is not true that “what is good for the Insurance Industry is good for the country,” or for that matter, for any single individual living in it.

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