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By D.R. UHLMANN and N.J. KREIDL (Eds.)

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3. Lower Oxides of Silicon—a-SiOx The structural properties of lower oxides of silicon, like amorphous SiO, have attracted attention every since the optical absorption edges of thin films were reported by Phillipp (1971, 1972). The continuous opening up of the energy gap in a-SiOx from 1 to 10 eV as x increased from 0 to 2, Phillipp suggested was due to random bonding arrangements. In addition to the chemically ordered environments of silicon and silica, viz. Si(Si4) and Si(0 4 ), the following configurations were proposed: Si(Si 3 0), Si(Si 2 0 2 ), and Si(Si03).

Such experiments have yet to be made as of the late 1980s. 2. Arsenates and Phosphates Arsenate and phosphate glasses have been little studied by XAS, but the technique offers some potential in detecting molecular structure. Arsenolite, As 2 0 3 , is a molecular crystal composed of A s 4 0 6 units arranged on a diamond lattice. Gurman and Pettifer (1979) examined this alongside A s 2 0 3 glass using As K-edge EXAFS. Intra- and intermolecular distances out to 4A in the mineral were detected and successfully analyzed using CWT k-space fitting.

Mention should also be made of O K-edge EXAFS from a-Si0 2 grown on silicon measured using photoyield detection and reported by Stohr and coworkers (1979). 6(1)A is due to O-Si correlations and 28 G. N. GREAVES complements the equivalent feature in the Si K-edge EXAFS, but with a coordination of 2 Si's rather than 4 O's. Stohr attributes a second shell in the O K-edge EXAFS to O-O correlations, obtaining a silicon bond angle of 10(8)°—lying close to the expected tetrahedral angle. Given the measurement difficulties at 530 eV X-ray energies, no figure is put on the local disorder as judged from oxygens in a-Si0 2 .

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