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As shown in figure 3A, the kinetics at 1250 and 720 nm reflect the evolution of the infrared and solvated species respectively. The infrared band appears with a time constant of 110 +/- 30 fs and quickly relaxes following a first order kinetics with a time constant of 240 +/- 40 fs towards the fully solvated species. These data are the first evidence of at least one precursor of hydrated electron. E Fig. 4. Kinetical model of electron trapping and solvation. 24 5. 45M) have permit to study the process of electron solvation in aqueous concentrated ionic solutions.

18. O. I. ,Plenum Press, New-York (1985). 19. Zeegers-Huyskens, Spectrochimica Acta 37A : 699 (1981). 20. Lascombe (to be published). Phys. 22 33 (1971). , 86 : 6665 (1987). 52 DISCUSSION KAPRAL model? 1°) What experimental evidence justifies the use of the two-state 2°) The analysis of the low frequency part of the spectrum assumes that the translational and rotational modes are decoupled. Is this justified? BESN ARD - 1°) The isotropic Raman profile recorded at low temperature for Bz/I2 diluted in a ternary solvent (n-Heptane) exhibits a doublet structure.

F. is given by the expression contained in the second curlies brackets and it presents the same structure as the previous one. The enclosed terms involve now at time zero and at time ttwo different benzene molecules and the same iodine molecule. Let's stress that afour-body contribution is not taken into account due to negligible iodine-iodine interactions. Expression (5) can be further simplified if one assumes that there is no orientational correlation between the molecules; it

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