Carrie Jones's After Obsession PDF

By Carrie Jones

ISBN-10: 1599906821

ISBN-13: 9781599906829

Although they have basically simply met, Aimee and Alan have a heritage jointly. they have been in every one other's desires. they're sure by means of whatever they cannot relatively identify. whatever that rattles the home windows, haunts the waters . . . and threatens to rip them aside ahead of they get an opportunity to determine what their connection potential.

The bestselling writer of the necessity sequence groups up with newcomer Steven E. Wedel to convey you your most up-to-date obsession.

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Aimee sent me to rescue you. ” There she is. Blake leads me right up to the table where Aimee is sitting with Courtney and three other people. I put my tray down and watch as Blake slides into the seat next to Aimee, puts an arm around her shoulders, and hugs her quickly. “Blake to the rescue,” he says. Something inside me deflates. • 3 • AIMEE School happens. Eventually it’s lunch. Blake goes and rescues Courtney’s cousin Alan from the girls who always try to hook up with everyone. “I hate school,” Blake is telling Alan when they come back over.

Aimee 10. Alan 11. Aimee 12. Alan 13. Aimee 14. Alan 15. Aimee 16. Alan 17. Aimee 18. Alan 19. Aimee 20. Alan 21. Aimee 22. Alan 23. Aimee 24. Alan 25. Aimee 26. Alan 27. Aimee Acknowledgments Also by Carrie Jones Imprint To Emily Ciciotte, Rena Morse, and Shaun Farrar for always showing me how to face the scary —C. J. To my wife, Kim, and the kids. Thanks for your patience —S. E. W. • 1 • AIMEE You are mine. You all will be mine. These are the words I hear every single freaking morning since my friend Courtney’s dad died.

Bailey’s classes are hard, but she’s really cool. ” Finally we come to a classroom door where Blake knocks. A guy sitting near the door jumps up and looks out at us through the narrow window before opening the door. He and Blake bump fists in greeting, and then Blake turns his attention to the teacher. “Mr. Swanson,” Blake says, “this is Alan Parson. He’s new here. ” More than a dozen pairs of eyes bore into me, watching, judging, making up stories about why I’m here. Mr. Swanson is a tall man with a thin white goatee and whitening blond hair.

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