Download e-book for iPad: Aliya Baban and the Cave of Pleasure A Desires of the Lamp by Melinda Barron

By Melinda Barron

ISBN-10: 1934992445

ISBN-13: 9781934992449

Ads agent Aliya Baban is gorgeous with a capital B. regrettably, she's additionally a witch with a capital B. In her twenty-eight years of existence, she's controlled to offend nearly each girl she has ever met.

But she does not care, fairly. that is simply the best way existence is.

When her boss tells her to get the Cave of enjoyment account, otherwise get a brand new activity, Aliya takes her get together invitation-and the unusual lamp she's received-and attends the nightclub's grand commencing, able to do conflict for her livelihood.

Matuse is greater than simply the landlord of the Cave of enjoyment… he is a excitement Djinni. And Aliya has rubbed his lamp. For the subsequent thirty days, she belongs to him. notwithstanding he intends to carry severe excitement to her physique, it is also his activity to ensure his "she-devil" alterations her depraved ways.

Will Matuse be ready to aid Aliya triumph over her painful prior? Or will Aliya fail to make the 5 heartfelt apologies she must make to the 5 ladies she has damage the main.

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But it’s not about me finding her. It’s about you finding her. You’re the one with the lesson to learn. ” “Maybe I should look for a job. ” “Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it. I only want you to think about what we’ve discussed. Concentrate only on Rebecca. We’ll address them one at a time, that’s the rule. When I’m satisfied that you’ve made amends, and mean it when you say you’re sorry, then we’ll move on. Come by the club tonight. ” He disappeared and Aliya sniffled. Her bottom ached something fierce, and she knew it was probably deep red.

Matuse handed her one and he took the other, sipping it slowly. In an effort to calm her nerves, Aliya took a larger gulp than she should have. The bubbles tickled her nose and she giggled. ” “Don’t be,” he said. “I’m glad you accepted my invitation. ” She shook her head as if to clear it. How had he known she’d stroked the lamp? “Speaking of the lamp,” she said slowly, “I have some information here about our company, H&H. ” She made to reach for her bag, stopping when he snapped his fingers. A waiter grabbed the bag from her shoulder and quickly walked off with it.

The thought still made Aliya sneer. Two men. The fattie had found two lovers, and Aliya didn’t even have one since Nicholas had kicked her out of his bed. That thought still rankled her. Men didn’t kick Aliya to the curb. She was the one who did the kicking. When Nicholas had dumped her, she’d been tempted to quit on the spot. But that would look bad, since it would mean she had quit two jobs in six months. And in the close-knit world of advertising in New York, her transient job history would be seen as a liability, and make it hard for her to find a job.

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