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By Haim D Rabinowitch, Lesley Currah

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The Alliums are one of the most old cultivated vegetation and comprise onions, garlic, leeks and different similar vegetation. the first goal of this e-book is to assemble, in one quantity, up to date wisdom acquired through quite a few clinical disciplines, from the fundamental molecular point, to program within the box, of the allium vegetation. It includes commissioned chapters on subject matters that experience proven significant advances fairly within the final 10 years equivalent to molecular biology, floriculture and agronomy. individuals comprise prime international professionals from Europe, the united states, Japan and New Zealand.

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Great-headed garlic group This hexaploid seed-sterile domesticate of A. ampeloprasum is locally cultivated in Asia Minor to Iran and Caucasus, and sporadically in California and in other regions of America and Europe. These plants appear to be ‘siblings’ of garlic with somewhat less intensive odour and taste. They develop large cloves, which are used for both consumption and multiplication. D. Rabinowitch, Israel, 2000, personal communication) or the second year (in the temperate zone) as a summer crop (van der Meer, 1997; Hanelt, 2001).

In its area of natural distribution in West and Central Himalayas, this species is collected from the wild as a vegetable and spice plant. Minor cultivation for the edible leaves was reported from north-eastern India (Hanelt, 2001). ALLIUM OBLIQUUM L. This tall species grows wild from East Europe to Central Siberia and north-western China, where it is often collected as a substitute for garlic. For a long time it has traditionally been grown for the bulbs in home gardens in West Siberia. Recently it has also become attractive as a medicinal plant in Europe (Hanelt, 2001).

1. World distribution of wild species of the genus Allium. The numbers on the map indicate the number of species found in each region. M. Fritsch and N. g. A. , and a few alliums are scattered in mountains or highlands within the subtropics and tropics. Only A. dregeanum Kth. , 1997). A region of especially high species diversity stretches from the Mediterranean basin to Central Asia and Pakistan (Fig. 1). A second, less pronounced centre of species diversity occurs in western North America. These centres of diversity possess differing percentages of the several subgroups of the genus and are thus clearly distinguishable in taxonomic terms.

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