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The excuse of growing up in the Western Islands neatly sidestepped the truth, which was that he had deliberately avoided the test until he was certain that he could conceal his off-the-chart abilities. He had aimed for a class-eight certification but his control had not been as good in those days as it was now. He had wound up with a nine. He had opted not to go for a top-of-the-scale class ten because people tended to be wary around class tens. Most folks respected such talent, even admired it or were in awe of it, but a ten was rare enough to make them uneasy.

She winked. " Amaryllis asked. "It's an Icer. I saw it parked outside. " With any luck, she would finally exorcise Lucas Trent from her mind tonight. Amaryllis slipped the new flutter dress over her head and watched in the mirror as it floated into place. Experimentally, she took a few steps, watching her reflection. The green, jewel-toned scarves that comprised the cleverly designed gown wafted gently with every move. The silky material seemed to be in constant motion. When she turned slightly, it clung briefly at hip and thigh.

Right. No company needs that kind of press. " He already knew just how stupid he had been. He didn't need to see it spelled out in the headlines or on the evening news. Nelson Burlton, the most popular news anchor on television, would have a field day with the story. But the bad publicity was the least of Lucas's concerns. What he craved was an answer. He needed to know why Miranda had done this to him, although the truth probably wouldn't do him any good. After all, he'd figured out why his wife and partner had betrayed him, but the answers had done nothing to lessen the chill in his gut.

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