Duane W. Roller's Ancient Geography: The Discovery of the World in Classical PDF

By Duane W. Roller

ISBN-10: 0857739239

ISBN-13: 9780857739230

The final committed e-book on historical geography used to be released greater than sixty years in the past. given that then new texts have seemed (such because the Artemidoros palimpsest), and new variants of present texts (by geographical professionals who comprise Agatharchides, Eratosthenes, Pseudo-Skylax and Strabo) were produced. there was a lot archaeological study, in particular on the perimeters of the Greek international, and a extra actual knowing of old geography and geographers has emerged. the subject is for that reason past due a clean and sustained therapy. In supplying accurately that, Duane curler explores vital themes like wisdom of the area within the Bronze Age and Archaic classes; Greek growth into the Black Sea and the West; the Pythagorean thought of the earth as a globe; the discovery of geography as a self-discipline via Eratosthenes; Polybios the explorer; Strabo’s well-known Geographica; the travels of Alexander the nice; Roman geography; Ptolemy and past due antiquity; and the cultural reawakening of old geographical wisdom within the Renaissance, together with Columbus’ use of old resources.

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