Angels of Grace by Anselm Gruen PDF

By Anselm Gruen

ISBN-10: 0860122832

ISBN-13: 9780860122838

ISBN-10: 1863717528

ISBN-13: 9781863717526

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We do everything the same old way. We do not allow ourselves to think anything new, so we do not do anything different. There is no guarantee that the new thing will be successful. So we don't do it. Our life is marked by lack of imagination and lack of the courage to risk anything. The word risk comes from the Italian and means danger and daring. Many claim that life should go by without danger. You have to insure yourself 40 The Angel of Risk 41 against all dangers, so that nothing can happen to you.

It used to be the other way round. Christians often made it difficult to enjoy life because they lived too ascetically. They were always suspicious of enjoyment. This was just as one-sided a view as the modern idea that we have to have everything. The greedy person becomes unable to enjoy. My wish for you is that the Angel of Renunciation may lead you to inner freedom. I hope it will make you able really to enjoy what you experience, really get involved in what you are doing, feel with all your senses what you are eating and what you are drinking.

This leads to greater and greater paralysis. We shall get out of the blind alley only if we take risks, if we dare to make mistakes. My wish for you is that the Angel of Risk may give you courage to be daring in your life and to risk new ways for yourself and the people around you. May the Angel of Risk strengthen your backbone and keep your back free, so that you are free to risk yourself and trust your inmost impulses, without constantly needing insurance and support. The world will be grateful to you if you dare something new, if you do not first ask all and sundry for permission to put your ideas into practice.

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