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By Plato, Benjamin Jewett (transl.)

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Here’s a stall for that Wagner thing; you’re certain to like it. So put on your bonnet and toddle off. ” Frau Levandovsky thanked him, but replied with some dignity that she preferred to remain at home. ” asked Miller, obviously annoyed, rising from his chair. “Have some more coffee,” suggested the lady coolly. Miller licked his chops and sat down again. Then he smiled, and in a new good-natured manner launched into a funny story about some friend of his, an opera singer who once, in the part of Lohengrin, being tight, failed to board the swan in time and waited hopefully for the next one.

He felt ridiculously excited as he entered the place once more—again in the middle of something. All was exactly as it had been the first time: the gliding torch, the long Luini-esque eyes, the swift walk in the darkness, the pretty movement of her black-sleeved arm as she clicked the curtain to one side. “Any normal man would know what to do,” thought Albinus. A car was spinning down a smooth road with hairpin turns between cliff and abyss. As he left, he tried to catch her eye, but failed. There was a steady downpour outside and the pavement glowed crimson.

A crowd had collected, clouds of smoke billowed from the top window, and black scraps of charred paper floated in the wind. She was so interested in the fire that she forgot her intention. She had very little money left. In her distress she went to a dance hall as abandoned damsels do in films. Two Japanese gentlemen accosted her and, as she had taken more cocktails than were good for her, she agreed to spend the night with them. Next morning she demanded two hundred marks. The Japanese gentlemen gave her three fifty in small change and bustled her out.

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