George Macdonald's At the Back of the North Wind (Tor Classics) PDF

By George Macdonald

ISBN-10: 0812567129

ISBN-13: 9780812567120

Tor Classics are affordably-priced variations designed to draw the younger reader. unique dynamic disguise paintings enthusiastically represents the buzz of every tale. applicable "reader pleasant" style sizes were selected for every title--offering transparent, exact, and readable textual content. All versions are entire and unabridged, and have Introductions and Afterwords.

This variation of At the again of the North Wind incorporates a Foreword, Biographical observe, and Afterword by means of Nancy Springer.

Listen can pay attention magic within the wind!

Diamond lives in a hayloft. yet that was once very well with him. He likes to snuggle as much as the horses at evening and hear them snore away. occasionally he can also listen the celebs twinkling within the sky.

One evening Diamond is visited through a stunning fairy with lengthy flowing hair. She calls herself North Wind, and he or she lives within the enchanged land a long way, far-off. better of all, she has come to take Diamond again with her--back to the land in the back of the North Wind.

Adored by means of hundreds of thousands of younger readers due to the fact its first book in 1871, George MacDonald's magical story maintains to delight.

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