John W. Curtis, Pete Fenlon, Jason O. Hawkins, Steve Marvin's Gamemaster Law (Rolemaster) PDF

By John W. Curtis, Pete Fenlon, Jason O. Hawkins, Steve Marvin

ISBN-10: 1558065571

ISBN-13: 9781558065574

This is often THE 1999 model OF THE e-book. PLEASE SEE the opposite photo WITH THE upload. RMFRP

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Dream sequences are handy here…. MECHANICS GAMEMASTER LAW BH 38 AND DESIGN DECISIONS What happens when the story utilizes a magic-rich environment and your setting is magic-poor? Or vice versa? What if you need gunpowder to work this once but you don’t want to introduce it over the long term into your game? These situations would ordinarily call for a one-shot adventure, but players often want to use their existing characters. Here are a few ideas for how to handle these situations: Time travel—Place the adventure in the distant past or future and shift the PCs there.

Key Events—Detail the major events you have planned to move the story along. Determine beforehand the general manner in which these events are to unfold so that the details can easily be modified to account for PC activities. For example, if a kidnapping is central to the story, you might wish to detail the time, place and individuals involved just in case the PCs manage to arrive on the scene to interfere, or in case they manage to waylay one of the perpetrators. 3 WORKING FOR CONSISTENCY Campaign Design Remember that the entire purpose of preparation is to maintain a consistent framework for your story.

If it is an existing setting, then you know what you have to work with. If it is not, then you know what you need to create. Some story ideas simply won’t mesh with your existing material and you should probably try to utilize the story idea in a piecemeal fashion, incorporating the interesting parts into other stories, before you go about altering settings and timelines just to get to use one intriguing story idea. 4 CREATING SPECIFIC SETTINGS At times you will want to run a game or story in the setting of your favorite book, movie or television show.

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